Why You Should Get ISO Certification for Your Company

What is ISO certification
Fundamentally, ISO certifies that an organization complies with any global standards developed and published by a third party. The ISO is a non-profit organization that brings together experts to share knowledge and develop international standards to support innovation and solve global challenges.

Documents for ISO certification
Several documents are mandatory for ISO certification. Therefore four documents need to be provided by the organization, and they include:
• Quality manual documents compose every structure of the organization to be certified. The provided document should meet the management system requirements and describe their strategy of maintaining quality and its goal.
• The procedure document contains the organization’s protocols and quality standards required to meet their customers’ demands.
• Work instruction document mentions every operation done by the organization, thus help provide steps to achieve desired results.
• Document forms and records summarise every task completed. In addition, the document helps organizations review future improvements.

Steps for ISO certification
Before a company gets an ISO certification, first, they are required to develop a production process and document by implementing the correct procedure responsible for maintaining quality standards. Below are steps provided by Sterling International Consulting for organizations to become ISO certified:

•  Develop a management system by identifying the organization’s aim, involving employees in documenting processes, reviewing the document, and then approving and sharing it with interested stakeholders.
• Implement the organization’s system by ensuring procedures are performed as per the documentation. Therefore, employees need adequate training for the tasks they are assigned. In addition, the organization’s reporting systems need to be effective in performing inspections.
• Perform an audit to verify the effectiveness of the organization’s system. The auditing helps identify the organization’s weaknesses and strengths.
• Register the organization’s system with an auditing body. Reviewing will be done annually to ensure the organization maintains its goals.


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