Why is ISO certification so important in the UAE?

Sterling International Consulting in UAE provides consultancy, training, and implementation services. Our ISO certification solutions are the best because they can:

  • Quickly and efficiently deploy and complete projects.
  • Approach certification.
  • Deliver services efficiently.

There are many ISO certification bodies globally, and our consultants have extensive experience in obtaining certification from any of them. Therefore, Sterling International Consulting can help clients get ISO certification from the certification body of their choice.

The ISO certification services provided by the consulting company contribute to the general effectiveness of the ISO management system and promote the organization’s long-term competitive advantage, regardless of the organization’s well-established and robust system.

ISO certification in UAE

There are several stages in the certification process to obtain an ISO certificate in the UAE. The certification process begins with the gap analysis, followed by the implementation of the Quality Management System, then an internal audit to ensure process compliance, and finally, the finished certification audit and documentation of the certified organization.

ISO certification in UAE is the most popular certification standard among organizations of all sizes. Organizations in the UAE prefer to obtain ISO certification to continuously maintain service quality, gain global recognition, and improve customer satisfaction. Sterling International Consulting offers ISO certificates throughout UAE for every major standard, including ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, and many more like ISO 17025:2017, ISO 13485:2016, and ISO 14001:2015. The ISO Consultants located in UAE are experts specialized in particular ISO Standards.

How to get ISO certification in UAE

To become ISO certified in the UAE, companies must change how they operate. However, the transition is made easier by following several key steps to help the organization gain clarity and determine the best certification approach. Each ISO certification is different, but the steps will help clients understand the basic concepts of an effective ISO Certification in UAE.

  1. Concentrate on the organization’s needs.

Every company has its unique reasons to become ISO Standard Certified. In most cases, there are no exceptions, so it is crucial that individuals articulate the most important change they would want to see. Whether you want to improve customer satisfaction generally, increase profits, or get the public image of becoming certified by an ISO Standard, the primary objective of making this decision should be present when clients approach the ISO Certification Process.

  1. Obtain documentation that suites both clients’ objectives and standards.

A Quality Manual is among the key components for documentation required to obtain ISO certification. Lack of a good quality manual will have major consequences, such as misleading implementations resulting in an unsatisfactory management system. Implementation can commence after the Quality Manual has already been consummated and carefully drafted.

  1. Education and training

Organizations need to train their employees to adapt to the new system. Some areas require training from every element of ISO quality management since the equal distribution of training is not strict. All employees must recognize several sections of an ISO Standard. Most employees will only have to learn about the effects of the new regulations on their specific professions.

  1. Discovering a suitable certification body

Finding a certifying body is the most vital step for achieving the most from an ISO Standard. Once the QMS ISO Standard implementation has finished, clients need to audit the system before receiving the certification. The certification process requires a certification body compatible with the organization. Furthermore, organizations need to find an appropriate auditor with experience in the organization’s industry. A suitable ISO certification body works with the organization during the auditing phase to clear any queries and doubts.

  1. Audit Scheduling

Organizations must prepare for an audit by conducting mock audits and testing the recently introduced ISO Standard management system. To understand how their new system operates, they should have at least two to three months for testing before going through a certification audit. Acquire a   management review and concluding internal audits before the actual audit timeframe benefits the organizations, allowing smooth certification auditing preparation. The procedure is applicable in every attempt to obtain ISO certification in the UAE.

Requirements for ISO certification in UAE

Sterling International Consulting elaborates on several requirements for organizations or clients to acquire an ISO certificate in UAE. First, organizations and clients enquire to have the knowledge and understand the process for ISO certification. Second, clients should have the ability to marketing services offered by an ISO certification system, enabling clients to understand the benefits and processes of certification. Third, organizations should avoid conflict between consultancy and certification. Other primary pre-requisites involved in the process of ISO certification include: selecting an ISO certification type and body, creating a contract or application, reviewing quality documents, constructing a plan of action, auditing of initial certifications. Finally, obtaining ISO certifications and audit surveillance for ensuring organizations maintain the quality of the ISO standards.