ISO 9001 certification cost in UAE

The first question in the mind of the organization when they think about ISO 9001 certification is the associated cost.

ISO 9001 certification cost in the United Arab Emirates can be divided into the following categories:
(1) Cost of ISO 9001 training in UAE
(2) Cost of ISO 9001 consulting for documentation/implementation etc.
(3) Cost of ISO 9001 certification audit including stage 1 and stage 2 audit.

Sample ISO 9001 certification cost in UAE for an organization with 100 employees can vary from 6,000 AED to 15,000 AED:

The pricing structure of various certification bodies vary and this results into a remarkable change in your ISO 9001 certification cost depending on which certification body you decide to get certified form.

Depending on the type of your business domain and industry, the certification body will identify if there is a need for a domain specialist along with the ISO system auditor. The number of employees is another consideration. The total number of audit man-days are calculated as per a table that corresponds to total man-days with the number of employees in the organization. The certification body may use multiple auditors to shorter the span of the total audit. ie.if the audit is to be done for a total of 4 man-days, instead of one auditor auditing for 4 days, the certification body may send 2 auditors for 2 days or 4 auditors for 1 day.

There are many certification bodies and consulting companies in Dubai who lure the organizations looking for ISO certification by super cheap pricing. Stay away from these kinds of companies. They in the most probability, issue you an unaccredited certificate with bogus accreditation bodies like UKAF instead of UKAS to create confusion in the minds of the clients. They have similar-sounding & attractive names of those fake accreditation bodies that cheat people and in turn, impact the market reputation of real ISO certification body and the ISO scheme in general.

There are certification bodies who issue the certificate without actual audit or they say surveillance audit is free or say that with consulting services, certification comes free. Please stay away from these kinds of companies as they will tarnish your reputation, market image and in a long term put you in a huge financial/contractual problem because they are unaccredited and/or issued unethically flouting all the norms of IAF.

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