How to get ISO certification in UAE

IF you are searching for credible information on How to get ISO certification in Dubai, below article provides you with all the required information.

Follow the below-mentioned steps for getting ISO certification in Dubai:

(1) Hire a consulting company to help you drive the entire project effectively.
(2) Conduct awareness training on the specific standard to familiarize your staff on the particular standard like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, HACCP etc.
(3) Create a core team covering representatives from various departments.
(4) Carry out business process review and find out gaps in your current system/documentation.
(5) Take each gap identified in the business process review stage one by one and prepare an action plan.
(6) Develop documentation including manual, policy, procedure, SOP, forms etc.
(7) Prepare an implementation plan and implement the developed documentation
(8) Conduct an Internal audit and close the findings
(9) Contact a certification body and get the ISO audit completed.
(10) Close the audit findings if any and publish your newly earned ISO certification to the stakeholders.

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