How to get ISO certification in Dubai

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You need to prepare policy, objectives, manual, procedures, forms, checklists and other documented information.

QMS consultant can provide you services for the below standards.

(1) ISO 9001 QMS

(2) ISO 14001 EMS

(3) ISO 45001 OH&SMS

(4) ISO 22000 FSMS


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Getting or implementing an ISO 9001 certification-related requirements in the organization needs proper planning, execution and monitoring. You need to ensure a strategic consideration is made while planning for ISO 9001 certification in Dubai. First and foremost important decision to be made is ‘ Does the selected ISO standard align with our strategic direction?”

The organization has to make sure they consider the ISO implementation project as a strategic project not only a one time project from mainly marketing benefits perspective. ISO standards and ISO certification are much more than the brand image/reputation. It helps organizations improve performance, productivity and profitability when implemented properly and maintained effectively.

Generally, the requirement for ISO certification is initiated at the top management level when they find out that due to competitive reason or strategic nature, it will be a good decision to get ISO certified. Then they zero in on the most appropriate ISO standard to get certified with. This is followed by a decision of going with a solo standard or an integrated management system.

There are various consulting companies in Dubai for assistance during the ISO implementation phase. However, be very cautious while selecting the consulting company or certification body. Sterling International Consulting is the best ISO consulting company in Dubai offering genuine, transparent and value-adding ISO certification consulting services. We only believe in accredited, reputable and verifiable ISO Certifications for our clients from well know ISO certification bodies in Dubai. To get more information about How To Get ISO Certification in Dubai, contact us at