How to close non-conformities (NCs) identified by the certification body


ISO certification body audit – NC closure Assistance Services


Did you recently complete your ISO certification audit through one of the ISO certification bodies in the UAE? Do you have a long list of NCs (Non Conformities) and you don’t know how to close them?

You are at the right place. We help you close all of your ISO certification audit findings and non-conformities quickly.

We offer the following services for ISO certification audit NC closure services in UAE.

  1. Review your NC report as submitted by the certification body.
  2. Discuss the NC with the respective process representatives
  3. Find our correction and put immediate containment actions
  4. Create required records / documents in support of the identified correction
  5. Identify root cause for the particular non-conformity and put a plan in place to eliminate it – called as corrective action.
  6. Fill in the completed correction, identified root cause analysis and proposed corrective actions in the NCR form / report given to you by the certification body.
  7. Submit the NCR form to the certification body and followup with them to have the certification body accept the NCR.
  8. Do changes if required in the NCR submissions if required and ensure the certification body accepts your NCR submissions.
  9. Execute the actual corrective actions, train the team on the corrective actions if required.
  10. Evaluate the effectiveness of the corrective actions before the next certification body and ensure the same non-conformity is not repeating.

Contact us at and let one of our ISO experts help you to close the NCs.