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FSC - Forest Stewardship Council

FSC is an international organization that promotes the organization to demonstrate that forest-based materials and products purchased, labelled, and sold as FSC certified products. FSC Chain of custody Certification can provide an array of social and economic benefits, and can contribute to satisfying the world’s needs for forest products, they should complement the management of, reduce pressures on, and promote the restoration and conservation of natural forests. Sterling International Consulting is the best FSC consultant in UAE with services in Dubai Abu Dhabi Sharjah Fujairah Ras al Khaimah and Al Ain for Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) training, implementation, documentation, internal audit & certification audit.

How to hire FSC consultant In UAE?

FSC Consultant In UAE can be contacted at Info@uaeiso.com or by calling +971 505842596. FSC Consultant In Dubai & Abu Dhabi will provide you training, documentation, implementation assistance and certification facilitation services to get your company FSC certified.

Principles of FSC

  • Compliance with Local laws and FSC principles – Organization shall comply with all applicable laws of the country in which they occur, and international treaties and agreements to which the country is a signatory, and comply with all FSC Principles and Criteria.
  • Tenure rights and responsibility – Long-term tenure and use rights to the land and forest resources shall be clearly defined, documented and legally established.
  • Indigenous peoples’ Rights – The legal and customary rights of indigenous peoples to own, use and manage their lands, territories, and resources shall be recognized and respected.
  • Local Community relations and Worker’s rights – Organization operations shall maintain or enhance the long-term social and economic wellbeing of forest workers and local communities.
  • Benefits from the Forest – Organization operations shall encourage the efficient use of the forest’s multiple products and services to ensure economic viability and a wide range of environmental and social benefits.
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  • Environmental Impact on Forests – Organization shall conserve biological diversity and its associated values, water resources, soils, and unique and fragile ecosystems and landscapes, and, by so doing, maintain the ecological functions and the integrity of the forest.
  • Management Involvement – Organization shall establish Management Plan appropriate to the scale and intensity of the operations will be written, implemented, and kept up to date. The long-term objectives of management, and the means of achieving them, shall be clearly stated.
  • Monitoring and Analysis – Monitoring shall be conducted — appropriate to the scale and intensity of forest management — to assess the condition of the forest, yields of forest products, chain of custody, management activities and their social and environmental impacts.
  • Maintenance of Conservation values of forests – Management conservation value forests shall maintain or enhance the attributes which define such forests. Decisions regarding high conservation value forests shall always be considered in the context of a precautionary approach.
  • Implementation of above activities – Implementation shall be planned and managed in accordance with Principles and Criteria 1-9.
Benefits of FSC in UAE
  • Conservation of biological diversity and its values includes water resources, soils, unique and fragile ecosystems and landscapes
  • Maintain the ecological functions and integrity of the forest
  • Protecting threatened and endangered species and their habitats
  • Ensure that human rights for Local communities and forest workers are respected.
  • To meet the social and legal criteria laid down by FSC, all certified forestry operations must get permission from indigenous groups before they start the forestry work.
  • Local people can use forests to collect food, firewood, building materials or medicinal plants and will have access to the forest resources that support their livelihoods.
  • Protects local people rights.
  • Worldwide recognition for FSC certified products
FSC COC – Forest Stewardship Council - Chain of Custody Certification In UAE Duabi Abu Dhabi.

Understand FSC COC standards, implementation and compliance with respect to the FSC COC standard in UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, RAK, Fujairah, and Umm Al Quwain.

We provide superior training, consulting, implementation support for FSC standard and certification facilitation to organizations interested in the FSC standard. Get certified to the FSC standard today with our expert training and consulting services.

We offer free online assistance to organizations across the UAE for FSC Standard.

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Our Services

We offer comprehensive FSC consulting in UAE that will help you achieve FSC COC certification. We provide following assistance to Achievement FSC COC Certification:

You need to follow our Four Steps to Certification, a typical example of which would be:

  • Business review Visit – We conduct an initial business review visit to your company to learn about your business, your existing procedures and processes in order to establish how the FSC CoC requirements can be incorporated into your current systems.
  • Document Procedures – We then develop a draft set of Policy and Procedures based on information gained during our Business review visit which will detail how you are able to demonstrate and address the requirements of the FSC CoC schemes.
  • Implementation Visit –On our second visit, we are often able to complete the procedures, undertake staff training and review the initial implementation of the systems, leaving you with a complete FSC Chain of Custody Manual ready for audit.
  • Become FSC Certified! – We are then in attendance to guide you through the audit from your chosen Certification Body and upon successful completion you will be awarded your FSC CoC Certification.
In addition to consulting (online and onsite), we provide the following training :
  • FSC COC overview training
  • FSC COC for the SME
  • Development of FSC documentation
  • FSC internal auditor training


We are the largest FSC consultant In UAE for FSC COC Certification audit training and implementation services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, RAK, UMQ, Fujairah and Ajman.