Sterling launches newly published ISO management system standards

Sterling International Consulting – one of the most innovative and largest ISO management system consulting and services providers announced the launch of consulting and training services for the below newly published ISO management system standards:

  • ISO 30401:2019 Knowledge Management Systems
    ISO 44001:2017 Collaborative Business Relationship
  • ISO 10015:2019 Competence Management & People Development.
  • ISO 46001:2019 Water Efficiency Management Systems.
  • ISO 41001:2018 Facility Management – Management Systems
  • ISO 21001:2018 MS for Educational organisations.
  • ISO 22301:2019 Business Continuity Management Systems,

Organizations wishing to know more about these services can contact us at or call us at +971 5058 42597


How to close non-conformities (NCs) identified by the certification body


ISO certification body audit – NC closure Assistance Services


Did you recently complete your ISO certification audit through one of the ISO certification bodies in the UAE? Do you have a long list of NCs (Non Conformities) and you don’t know how to close them?

You are at the right place. We help you close all of your ISO certification audit findings and non-conformities quickly.

We offer the following services for ISO certification audit NC closure services in UAE.

  1. Review your NC report as submitted by the certification body.
  2. Discuss the NC with the respective process representatives
  3. Find our correction and put immediate containment actions
  4. Create required records / documents in support of the identified correction
  5. Identify root cause for the particular non-conformity and put a plan in place to eliminate it – called as corrective action.
  6. Fill in the completed correction, identified root cause analysis and proposed corrective actions in the NCR form / report given to you by the certification body.
  7. Submit the NCR form to the certification body and followup with them to have the certification body accept the NCR.
  8. Do changes if required in the NCR submissions if required and ensure the certification body accepts your NCR submissions.
  9. Execute the actual corrective actions, train the team on the corrective actions if required.
  10. Evaluate the effectiveness of the corrective actions before the next certification body and ensure the same non-conformity is not repeating.

Contact us at and let one of our ISO experts help you to close the NCs.

ISO 9001 certification in UAE – United Arab Emirates

Getting ISO 9001 Certification in UAE is simple, easy and effective with Sterling International Consulting.

Sterling International Consulting being the largest QMS consultant in UAE can help the organizations in the United Arab Emirates get ISO 9001 certification in the most professional manner.

Steps for getting ISO 9001 certification in UAE – Dubai & Abu Dhabi:
(1) Define the context of your organization including issues, challenges, interested parties, their needs and expectations.
(2) Finalize the scope of your ISO 9001 QMS.
(3) Identify quality policy and quality objectives for your company
(4) Identify critical processes and document them.
(5) Carry out a gap assessment of your current level of compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 standard and find out gaps.
(6) Comply with all the gaps through documentation including manual, policies, procedures, forms, checklists etc.
(7) Train employees in awareness training, implementation training and internal audits.
(8) Implement the newly developed system.
(9) Plan and execute the internal audit and address the audit findings.
(10) Carry out the ISO 9001 certification audit through an accredited ISO certification body in UAE.

Contact Sterling International Consulting at to get ISO 9001 certification in UAE including Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

ISO Certification for start ups in Dubai & Abu Dhabi; UAE

Are you a new startup and need ISO certification for startup company? You are at the right place to get all the required information about ISO Certification for your new startup company. Get 50% discount on ISO certification services offered to startups by Sterling under its incubator initiative.

Any startup company has an aspiration and vision to grow big and establish as a number one organization in the domain. However, there are several issues that may pose a challenge to the aspirations of the new startup.

The challenges faced by new startups are as below:
(1) Lack of standardization.
(2) Lack of process documentation.
(3) Lack of credibility to gain bigger projects and attract clients.
(4) Lack of policies, procedures and risk management.

These challenges faced by new startups can be addressed by ISO Certification for startups. Sterling International Consulting is proud to run an incubator programme for startup companies in the UAE wherein they qualify for up to 50% discount on ISO certification.

Getting ISO certification for a startup company is no more difficult and costly due to the incubator programme offered by Sterling International Consulting. So far more than 45 companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah have been benefited with this 50% discounted ISO certification services offered for the small startup companies.

Contact us at to get qualified for up to 50% discount for your new startup company for its ISO certification.

We work with a unified objective for startups, and the objective is to help them grow and make their mark in the world of business. The reason behind this initiative under our corporate social responsibility is because we ourselves were a startup a decade ago with a big dream and today we want to give back to society.

ISO certification for newly established companies, small companies and startups in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other emirates of the UAR can be achieved by contacting Sterling at +971 505842597.

How to get ISO certification in UAE

IF you are searching for credible information on How to get ISO certification in Dubai, below article provides you with all the required information.

Follow the below-mentioned steps for getting ISO certification in Dubai:

(1) Hire a consulting company to help you drive the entire project effectively.
(2) Conduct awareness training on the specific standard to familiarize your staff on the particular standard like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, HACCP etc.
(3) Create a core team covering representatives from various departments.
(4) Carry out business process review and find out gaps in your current system/documentation.
(5) Take each gap identified in the business process review stage one by one and prepare an action plan.
(6) Develop documentation including manual, policy, procedure, SOP, forms etc.
(7) Prepare an implementation plan and implement the developed documentation
(8) Conduct an Internal audit and close the findings
(9) Contact a certification body and get the ISO audit completed.
(10) Close the audit findings if any and publish your newly earned ISO certification to the stakeholders.

Sterling International Consulting can help organizations in Dubai to get ISO certification in Dubai UAE. Contact us at or call us at +971 505842597 to get ISO certification in Dubai.

ISO 9001 certification cost in UAE

The first question in the mind of the organization when they think about ISO 9001 certification is the associated cost.

ISO 9001 certification cost in the United Arab Emirates can be divided into the following categories:
(1) Cost of ISO 9001 training in UAE
(2) Cost of ISO 9001 consulting for documentation/implementation etc.
(3) Cost of ISO 9001 certification audit including stage 1 and stage 2 audit.

Sample ISO 9001 certification cost in UAE for an organization with 100 employees can vary from 6,000 AED to 15,000 AED:

The pricing structure of various certification bodies vary and this results into a remarkable change in your ISO 9001 certification cost depending on which certification body you decide to get certified form.

Depending on the type of your business domain and industry, the certification body will identify if there is a need for a domain specialist along with the ISO system auditor. The number of employees is another consideration. The total number of audit man-days are calculated as per a table that corresponds to total man-days with the number of employees in the organization. The certification body may use multiple auditors to shorter the span of the total audit. ie.if the audit is to be done for a total of 4 man-days, instead of one auditor auditing for 4 days, the certification body may send 2 auditors for 2 days or 4 auditors for 1 day.

There are many certification bodies and consulting companies in Dubai who lure the organizations looking for ISO certification by super cheap pricing. Stay away from these kinds of companies. They in the most probability, issue you an unaccredited certificate with bogus accreditation bodies like UKAF instead of UKAS to create confusion in the minds of the clients. They have similar-sounding & attractive names of those fake accreditation bodies that cheat people and in turn, impact the market reputation of real ISO certification body and the ISO scheme in general.

There are certification bodies who issue the certificate without actual audit or they say surveillance audit is free or say that with consulting services, certification comes free. Please stay away from these kinds of companies as they will tarnish your reputation, market image and in a long term put you in a huge financial/contractual problem because they are unaccredited and/or issued unethically flouting all the norms of IAF.

Send us an email at to get a free proposal and quotation for a genuine and accredited ISO Certificate from a well-known certification body with real, value-adding consulting services.

How to get ISO certification in Dubai

To get ISO certification in Dubai call QMS consultant at +971 505842597.

You need to prepare policy, objectives, manual, procedures, forms, checklists and other documented information.

QMS consultant can provide you services for the below standards.

(1) ISO 9001 QMS

(2) ISO 14001 EMS

(3) ISO 45001 OH&SMS

(4) ISO 22000 FSMS


Send an email at for a free & no-obligation proposal to get started.

Getting or implementing an ISO 9001 certification-related requirements in the organization needs proper planning, execution and monitoring. You need to ensure a strategic consideration is made while planning for ISO 9001 certification in Dubai. First and foremost important decision to be made is ‘ Does the selected ISO standard align with our strategic direction?”

The organization has to make sure they consider the ISO implementation project as a strategic project not only a one time project from mainly marketing benefits perspective. ISO standards and ISO certification are much more than the brand image/reputation. It helps organizations improve performance, productivity and profitability when implemented properly and maintained effectively.

Generally, the requirement for ISO certification is initiated at the top management level when they find out that due to competitive reason or strategic nature, it will be a good decision to get ISO certified. Then they zero in on the most appropriate ISO standard to get certified with. This is followed by a decision of going with a solo standard or an integrated management system.

There are various consulting companies in Dubai for assistance during the ISO implementation phase. However, be very cautious while selecting the consulting company or certification body. Sterling International Consulting is the best ISO consulting company in Dubai offering genuine, transparent and value-adding ISO certification consulting services. We only believe in accredited, reputable and verifiable ISO Certifications for our clients from well know ISO certification bodies in Dubai. To get more information about How To Get ISO Certification in Dubai, contact us at